The path through life is full of responsibilities and demands but those who take the challenge the rewards are good. However, as you travel this path why not enjoy it and have some fun. Do you remember when you were young and the feeling of freedom you had as you rode your bicycle, not a care in the world. Recapture that feeling again. You may have an automobile to get you around but it is not the same. Riding inside a steel box has its safety and its enviromental control system but what are you missing? When it is a beautiful day with clear skies and the tempature is around 70 degress did you experience it? If not maybe a scooter or motorcycle will bring back the days where you do not have a care in the world if for only a few hours. As the credit card commercial says, "it is priceless".
We would like to welcome you to our new website. This January will be our 5th anniversary. Our thanks to those of you that made it possible. We have some new models coming in 2014. It is our goal to provide you a selection of vehicles at a reasonable price so you will want to become part of our family of customers. We also for 2014 will be selling pre-owned scooters and motorcycles.